Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Steps to a Fantastic Fake Tan

 Top tips for an amazing looking tan this summer through self tanning.

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Having a great looking tan helps you feel great – it makes you feel more confident, attractive and happier. However it is becoming increasingly apparent that the health risks spending hours in the sun can pose are starting to become a great concern for tanners across the world.

More and more men and women are now turning to fake tan and self tanning as a healthier means of getting that glorious summer tan. If you too are ready to avoid spending hours in the sun but don't want to give up on a radiant looking tan, sunless tanning could be the way forward.

Steps to a Fantastic Fake Tan for Your Face

Applying fake tan to one’s face may seem like an easy job, but you would be surprised at how dextrous you need to be to be able to get an even tan all over your face.

  • The first step is to prepare your skin. The best and most effective way to do this is through gently cleansing and exfoliating the face – try and avoid moisturiser, as this could interfere with the tanning product. It has been recommended by industry professionals to apply under-eye cream before self tanning as you ideally want the skin under your eyes to be lighter as this makes you look younger.
  • The next step is to mix a few drops of the fake tan with an equal amount of moisturiser in the palm of your hand, then gently apply the mixture evenly to your face and neck – this helps to ensure you don’t go too much darker than your natural skin colour.
  • Now you need to let the colour intensify for a few hours before following up with some bronzer on the more prominent areas of your face such as the forehead, nose and ears.

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Following these steps should ensure a glowing fake tan for your face this summer.

Steps to a Fantastic Fake Tan for Your Body

Self tanning your body may not require the same level of dexterity as applying fake tan to the face does but there are still a number of tips that can ensure you get the most luxurious looking tan possible.

  • First of all you need to begin the process by exfoliating your skin. Experts recommend using a body scrub in the shower, focusing particularly on any rough areas of skin such as the knees and elbows. You should also ensure you shave before you tan; using body oil rather than shaving foam is suggested.
  • Before applying any of the fake tan, a helpful tip is to rub petroleum jelly on your finger nails and finger tips as this helps prevent staining.
  • Now apply the self tanning product limb by limb, sweeping downwards as you do. Make sure you apply an even amount of the fake tan to the backs of your arms and legs as you do to the front. However you should remember to apply sparingly to your ankles, elbows and knees to avoid any unsightly orange patches.
  • Follow your arms and legs by applying the fake tan to the rest of your body. You should wait at least ten minutes before dressing after application and avoid any sort of activity that could make you sweat for a good couple of hours.
  • A nice tip for removing any fake tan from the palms of your hands after application without inadvertently washing off any tan from the tops of your hands is to rub your palms over a wet flannel making sure you get in between your fingers.

By following these tips you should be able to achieve a brilliant, all over golden tan ready for summer without exposing yourself excessively to the sun’s harmful rays.  

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