Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fitness Equipment – Exercise Keeps you health and beautiful

rosehip oil
Using fitness equipment for regular exercise can bring you many health and beauty benefits
Forget those expensive beauty creams and pages of health tips in the magazines that you'll never end up following. For a lifetime of health, and beauty that goes deeper than your skin, invest in a piece of fitness equipment and supplements to reap the physical rewards of exercise. Black pepper essential oil and rosehip oil are popular with people looking to look and feel better at the same time. Fitness Equipment – Better than a Beauty Cream Many women spend a fortune on expensive beauty creams in the hope that they will banish their wrinkles and keep them looking youthful for longer. Yet the simple truth is that exercise is a far better beauty booster than any skin product. Working on fitness equipment like a running machine, cross-trainer or rower causes the heart to pump more blood round the body in order to oxygenise the muscles. The added benefit is that this oxygen (as well as additional nutrients) is carried to the skin, making it firmer and better nourished. The ageing process is slowed down, your skin glows and you feel like a new person! Some people go on make up artist courses in order to learn how to look their best. Styling is important too. Framing your body and face with the right accessories can transform you from frumpy to fabulous. Have a look at some chic frames from Sight Station.

Fitness Equipment – Helps you Stress Less
One of the greatest health hazards of the Western world is stress. On an emotional level it causes unhappiness, anxiety and depression, whilst physically it creates problems like high blood pressure, weakened immune systems and even heart disease. Regular exercise is one of the best ways of combating stress. Its most beneficial effect is the release of endorphins into your blood stream. These chemicals, sometimes called ‘happy hormones', give you a sense of happiness and well-being. So even just half an hour a day on a piece of fitness equipment like a cross-trainer can help you say ‘sayonara' to stress.
Fitness Equipment – Prevents Osteoporosis
One disease that affects people who don't exercise frequently is osteoporosis, a skeletal disease that leads to fragile bones and the risk of bone fracture injury. Any fitness equipment that provides resistance training is excellent at helping prevent this condition, for example running machines.
Fitness Equipment for Weight Loss
Exercise reduces body fat, increases muscle and decreases appetite. Fitness equipment can be a lifeline for people who are unhappy with their weight and shape, and those who are severely overweight or obese. Whereas it might be difficult to get motivated to go out walking or running, fitness equipment measures time, distance, heart rate and calories burned, so the user knows exactly how hard they have worked out.
Fitness Equipment Reduces Back Pain
One physical condition that affects many people is lower back pain, often caused by inactivity and low level of fitness. Equipment like running machines, abdominal toners and dumbbells can all help contribute to strengthening the muscles around the spine and support the back.


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